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Apr 13, - My husband usually decides how severe my misdeeds are and chooses the right method to punish me. The cane is reserved only for times when I've been a really bad girl. I believe it's great – yes, there are women out there who like getting spanked, and who feel much better after a sound spanking. How To Properly Spank Your Wife! | Domestic submission Dee. Age: 26. Perfect hygiene?? It took some time and I know that at times he still felt this was all quite deviant and depraved. As a result, both women remained married to their first husbands. MANAGING FEMALE omegat.info women are caught up in the midst of a misbehavior event, we are not always at our emotional best, and our use of. Scarlet. Age: 28. i will visit you in any area within the m25 or zones 1 to 6 and will also travel further for longer bookings. Managing female misbehavior Apr 12, - The process of domestic discipline. Determine the crime. Firstly, you need to be crystal clear on what your girl has actually done wrong to deserve this spanking. Identify in your mind the specific behaviour that you object to. Consider this behaviour intellectually and rationalize in your own mind what the. (year-old Roman Catholic Singaporean American female) • "Abuse is being physically or verbully assaulted for (year-old Chinese American Buddhist male) • "Abuse in the family is when punishment goes to an extreme (ahove spanking), or verhal attack is overly copious, any punishment that is worse than the crime.

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Lynn. Age: 25. Possible party with my best friend kristin ;-) Nov 18, - This article is about how to spank your wife or girlfriend. This is not an article on how to DISCIPLINE a woman. The difference is that spanking is only one part of discipline or punishment. Discipline also includes things like scolding, corner time, reconciliation and other techniques. Together they combine to. Most Recent Female Spanks Female Public Videos - omegat.info - Free Spanking Videos and Free Bondage Videos, Spanking Movies, Spanking Films, strappings, paddlings, hairbrush spankings, whipping, flogging, caning, corporal punishments, domestic discipline, fem/dom, exclusive spankings, and more! () separated children into “none,” “once a year,” and “more than once a year” recipients of physical punishment. He found that the crucial distinction in aggression lay between the “no-spanking” children and the other children, implying that any (even very infrequent) use of physical punishment serves to increase.


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