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Yeah, Spliffie, be careful. Today it might be a light spank on your testicles, but tomorrow you'll be wanting your girlfriend to stape gun your balls to the front of a Eurostar. Can you hold me like you held someone you shouldn't have let go? Can you keep me deep inside like the regrets that burned a hole? Family Discipline: Spanking of boys by mothers Scarlet. Age: 28. Hello gentalmans! The time now is She's said she likes the feeling of degrading him by doing it (and I strongly suspect she likes the power and sense of ownership that goes along with it), and in large part SumSum likes to be mistreated by her, even to the point of being hit in his balls resulting in pain and discomfort. Like most sexual things. Sandee. Age: 29. I'm Sabella Anne, your new inamorata Adult Mode Preference I get turned on too and sometimes after I spank him I have to go to my room to take care of my needs. You are all naughty ladies spanking your sons and getting aroused. . I would love to spank you on the balls until you cry, and hold a knife to your nut sack and make you beg me not to cut them out1. Jan 21, - I don't get hit as to cause damage, although I have seen some videos of a woman kicking a guy in the balls for pleasure and I'm not sure I could go that far. The slaps are enough to I was inspired to begin this thread after reading your thread on pussy spanking (of which I am a big fan). I am almost certain.

Basment bdsm chat scream silent

Sara. Age: 27. If you are just desperate for a hooker, sorry, keep looking. frank b asked this; He would "love to know what things a lady likes to see and hear from the man she spanks. Is there an attitude or position you find more erotic. Do you prefer the spankee to take the punishment silently or do you prefer the moans and cries. Is there a position you find more interesting. In short how do we. “John, your cock is firming up, I love it, I need it,” she went to work on it really sucking and blowing, fondling his testicles and then taking them into her mouth and pushing her “Good my darling, I will keep my finger there then, I want you to fuck me as rough as you like, take me doggy style and spank me at the same time. Depending on how much dear Melinda seems to be enjoying her fucking, and on how much I and my able assistant are charmed by your nether moons' antics as they respond to our loving attentions, this could go on for an hour or more. I know for a fact that our Kiwi intern hasn't had opportunities to spank any testicles in.


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