Foods that make vagina smell good

Anything with heavy fragrance can cause infections easily, so avoid feminine products which aim to make your vagina smell like flowers. Much like how if you eat a lot of garlic, your skin excretes a garlic smell for several days, you can eat or not eat certain foods to produce a better smell and taste in your vagina. Let's Clear Up Some Lies You've Been Told About Vaginas | HuffPost Alice. Age: 23. A little bit about me: Yes, I read the article. Apr 8, - It's true that what you eat affect how you taste and smell down there. Try a mixture of yoghurt, almonds and honey for breakfast and it will make you taste like dessert. It's also good to have fruits or vegetables high in natural sugars; pineapples, celery, red grapes, cranberry juice, watermelon and lots of water. Teagan. Age: 26. Debutant Darling! Very classy, professional and sophisticated Let's Clear Up Some Lies You've Been Told About Vaginas Jump to Food - background. You are what you eat! The foods you eat can also impact your smell, not only in the vagina, but in the armpits, scalp and mouth. Research has shown that strong-smelling foods, like broccoli, fish, chilies, garlic, pepper, blue cheese, onion and cabbage can cause your vag to smell funny.‎Help! My Vagina Smells · ‎Bacterial Vaginosis · ‎Yeast Infection · ‎Cervical Cancer. Aug 20, - Here we go again: women being told their vulvas and vaginas aren't good enough in their natural state. They have to be scrubbed and waxed and have food products shoved inside them. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. “How to Make Your Vagina Smell and Taste Delicious,” the post is titled, because of course you.

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Tricia. Age: 22. Hello, Jump to Foods that make vagina smell good - What foods should I eat to make my vagina smell good? Even though studies have not shown how to change the taste of your vagina, it doesn't stop women from guessing. One thing to note is that a healthy lifestyle always has your vagina tasting and smelling great. Ever wonder how to make your vagina smell good? From things to look out in sex and the food you eat.


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