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Sep 21, - Then, she pulls them down and gives her student a proper bare bottom spanking. She was made to bend over the bed-board, her panties were lowered and her strapping began. The naughty school girl, of course, must have her white cotton panties pulled down to receive a bare bottom punishment. School Counsellor Spanked - BDSM - Uma. Age: 19. +33755987164 Both kids are crying their eyes out during their spankings, but when their Dad bares their butts they beg and bawl for it to stop. The tawse lay on the desk next to her panties, as if it were waiting for her. She turned away from him and bent over to slip on her panties. Oh, that magnificent alabaster ass. “You little minx,” he snapped. “Don't you dare put those panties on until I tell you.” Still bent over, she twisted her head and looked up at him. “Who are you, Clark Gable?” He walked over and spanked her sharply. She gasped. Beauty. Age: 26. Arriving in Munich in less than a week, and planning a short trip this time School Counsellor Spanked Dance around and tease me, then work those panties down, very slowly, until they reach your knees, then drop them to the floor and kick them off. straight at me.” Kevin sighed, “Oh In the meantime, come over here and bend over my knees, I want to spank you and make that gorgeous ass all nice and red.” Maya walked. I told her about the shoplifting, and you coming to get me, giving me a spanking, and she wrote it down and said I could go." she paused, then got a .. "Fine, then to make the cost of stealing very clear to you, to finish your spanking, you'll get another 25 hard stokes of my belt with you bent over that desk." he nodded at the.

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Lyen. Age: 29. i will visit you in any area within the m25 or zones 1 to 6 and will also travel further for longer bookings. Oct 22, - Then bending forward pushing your panties down and off so we can view the faint pink marks my skillful hand has already imprinted upon your behind. "MMmmm."Seems we have some heavy spanking to do here, missy, that's not even close to the desired shade of red I want you to wear." "Back over my. This page contains links to sites on the web likely to be of interest to readers of the Handprints Spanking Art Page. I bent over the side. I felt Uncle Jack pull down my pants. Then he put one of his hands on my back. I think it was there to remind me to stay in position. He must have gotten out the school paddle, because the. He got the ruler paddle, a rattan cane and the punishment strap. He laid the cane and the strap on the bed for later and knelt by Lela's left side. He caressed her bottom and bent down to kiss her bare cheeks. He let his fingers slide over her cheeks, down between her thighs to caress her pussy. He spread her pussy lips and.


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