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And who better than a couple that was just engaged, at least one of them bisexual (in denial?)? This is Rocky Horror we're talking about Er, this troper has never seen reason to believe Riff Raff, Frank N Furter, or anyone at the castle, had anything to do with Brad & Janet's car breaking down. Of course, she's only seen the. The Astonishingly Non-Nonsensical Plot of The Rocky Horror Picture Show | Nylon. Age: 30. I am full of passion and love to please you and make your fantasy come true! Frank-N-Furter is so hot. The s classic or the reboot which that one I have yet to see but will? I watched it again for Halloween, and I've been re-obsessed ever since. Frank-N-Furter is so hot. I like Janet to an extent as well, and. Aryana. Age: 20. Time alone with A sexy Ebonie Mistress Is dr frank n furter bisexual? Nov 28, - Yeah, obviously. Although perhaps not really applicable, seeing as he was actually some kind of here we actually have a case of a true pansexual! He displays attraction to other humanoid creatures outside his own species. Unless the Transylvanians turned out to be genetically identical to. Oct 4, - Frank-N-Furter is working on a machine that will make him the perfect boy toy, a handsome fellow named Rocky (Peter Hinwood), and insists Brad and . Take Frank-N-Furter on his own: his persona borrows heavily from David Bowie's creation of Ziggy Stardust, about a bisexual alien rock superstar sent.

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Daylene. Age: 18. If your looking for something different than look no further!! Sep 23, - In the iconic cult classic Rocky Horror Picture Show, bisexual Frank N. Furter challenges Janet and Brad, along with the audience, to embrace a more open view of sexuality, but the film was decades before its time. While thousands of fans will do the time warp this Halloween, the film is still considered by. Oct 31, - And Doctor Frank-N-Furter's journey heavily mirrors the politics and taboos explored during those years. Take Frank-N-Furter on his own: he is an all-singing, all-vamping, bisexual transvestite from another planet. He is trying to create the perfect man for himself, a man mainly conceived as the ultimate eye. Oct 23, - This week, it was announced that the producers of the show would double-down on their bad idea by casting transgender actress Laverne Cox as the bisexual, lingerie-clad Dr Frank N Furter. While a number of a outlets have hailed the casting of Cox as representing the best possible choice to step into the.


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