Is deadly sperm backup real

Deadly Semen Buildup ~ Medical condition caused by prolonged lack of sex. Fatal if not treated. DSB = Deadly Sperm Buildup- as in your balls are full and they are going to explode. DSB- deadly sperm back-up, caused by not getting laid make men miserable and bitchy like women get when they suffer from PMS. is ''deadly semen build-up'' a real condition? | Yahoo Answers Skyla. Age: 21. im young lady who loves finer things Even today his works are seldom studied in Greece, largely because the Greek government is unable or unwilling to anthologize his material for the national curriculum. You can also take tylenol for pain relief. Apr 21, - DSB is not a condition HA I'm gonna try that on my wife though, who knows maybe she'll fall for it and I'll get some. Blue Balls- Terribly painful, real condition, but Hell! the women who brought the condition on- were well worth the pain and the wait. Albertina. Age: 23. Generaly i keep healthy style of life- my mind is always positive, i dont drink any alcohol, i enjoy eating quality meal, i practise thai chi, tenis. I am reading books and love nature and animals. I am not kind of party person. If you have the same life style, we may have a quality moments together. I like nice and intelligent conversation about anything. I am very strick about the hygiene.... Backed up sperm in testicles, will it cause damage? Go away on it's own? Jul 3, - Sorry guys, there's no biological basis behind telling your partner, "We have to have sex or I'll explode." According to Judy Seifer, Ph.D., R.N., a professor of sexual health at the Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in San Francisco, any sperm that "misses the train," and never makes it out is. After masturbating I had pinched the foreskin to contain any semen and prevent a mess. I feel as though the pressure buildup caused the sperm to backup into my testicles. Immediately afterwards my righ.

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Naughty. Age: 25. I am Helen DSB, Door Status Board. DSB, Deadly Semen Buildup. DSB, Dreaded Semen Backup (military slang). DSB, Departmental Services Branch. DSB, Document Serial Number. DSB, Dry Span Bridge. DSB, Digital Storage Buffer. DSB, Distribution Switchboard. DSB, Dove Shack Baby (gaming clan). DSB, Duman-Salehi Bound. Deadly Semen Backup definition. deadly s-m-n backup, or as doctors call it dsb, is a condition brought on by extended male abstinence, frequently combined with the absence of masturbatio. Schrader also says he and Scorsese coined the term DSB (Deadly Sperm Backup) to signify what happens when celibate people go crazy (). This concept, expressed in the film version of The Last Temptation of Christ by one of Jesus' fellow Nazarenes, was probably inspired by the comment an old fisherman makes in.


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