Hcg shot mature follicles

Jun 4, - Does anyone know the statistics of having twins from a trigger? I had two mature follicles so I know there is a chance. What to Expect If you're expecting twins, here's what you need to know about potential risks and omegat.infole size day of trigger - Fertility Treatments | Forums. HCG Trigger Shot - New Kids Center Joy. Age: 26. * E-mail/Ph Without a trigger, would you only O one egg? Hi All - I had an iui today due to a positive LH surge but did not get the hcg shot this time as I have the past 3 months of trying. I had 4 mature follicles, I am wondering if I have a chance of most of them releasing or is only one going to release. I have been taking clomid, mg and did gomal f injection for 2. Karla. Age: 20. Latin Masseuse feminine,charming,exotic,friendly,caring, very discrete and fascinating personality Community post Basically what the HCG shot will do is cause any mature follicles to rupture. Your dr. will have determined how many mature follicles you have through ultrasound and bloodwork (though it sounds like no bloodwork was done?). If you weren't doing stimulation meds, it's unlikely you have more than   Follicle sizes and trigger shot — The Bump. HCG not only assists the follicles in maturing, but it also triggers mature eggs so they release from the follicles. Most of the time your doctor will give you a medication that induces ovulation (such as HMG or Clomid) and then take the trigger shot. When you take the shot, it will help complete the eggs' maturation process and.

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Stormy. Age: 29. send me an email for more info:-) I am currently on my 2nd month of Clomid and last month had a mm follicle and so was given the HCG injection. Unfortunately, it wasn't to be our month. I have just had my day scan (for the 2nd month) and have been told that I have 3 mature follicles of mm, mm and mm so was not able. I am Have PCOS. i am taking follistim injections and dexametazone pill. Today is my CD My follicle sizes after ultrasound were RO - 20,17,16, 11, 10, 10, 9 and Left ovary - 17,11,10,8,8. My e2 level numbers are yet to come for today. But CD 13 my E2 levels were I am not sure when the doctor is. If you are not using a trigger (HCG shot) to force ovulation of all mature follicles then they may not all release with your own LH surge. When your LH surges it will attempt to ovulate follicles with mature eggs but there is really to way to know which follicles have mature eggs and how many of those will.


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