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Apr 27, - 6 fashion and beauty trends people hate the opposite sex to wear. While there's nothing wrong with shaving your pubic hair completely, the same goes if you want to keep things au naturel too. In fact, some experts claim that women who do shave down below could actually be putting themselves at greater. To Shave Or Not To Shave? Real Answers From Women And Men About The Hair Down There Nicole. Age: 29. looking to have some drinks and good dialogue that it is meet new buddies It was not comfortable for me and if my partner wasn't into it, then tough luck for them. I'm out of my league with her anyway so she could roll up unshaved, teeth a week gone from brushed and I still would. Jan 16, - It's up to the woman. It's unusual but not necessarily in a bad way. In fact I like it. It's hot. Now, I can see trimming the bikini area so nothing hangs out of a suit or lingerie. I sort of like the different looks a woman can rock down there. I like a neat, maintained look but there is something devastating about a full. Teagan. Age: 26. Not your average BBW, lets cross boundries and try something new i am up for almost A look at what women do with their hair down there May 25, - What do college women do as far as down there grooming? We asked 19 of them to break it down for us. β€œIt's a must, I'm kind of a perfectionist so if I don't I feel gross. I've been grooming down their probably since middle school. I used to shave but I recently got a wax and it was life changing I was totally. Feb 17, - Hair. It's always been there, for the most part. During the unfortunate years of middle school, when you never knew what to do with your hands or your personality, the hairy blessings rained down. And rained down hard. I remember being in sixth grade gym class and hearing a loud, obnoxious girl brag.

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Loni. Age: 21. Hi Im Shannon! Jun 29, - Ninety-two percent of respondents reported performing their own grooming, and a nonelectric razor was the most common tool. "Clipping β€” just trimming β€” is by far the safest," she said. "A lot of women nick themselves shaving. Some people have reactions from chemical depilatories. Waxing, you can burn. Feb 10, - That's up to the woman. I can't think of anything more personal than how you deal with your pubes. Personally I like as much pubes as possible because they tickle my penis and feel good during sex. That said, if the girl feels cleaner or more comfortable waxed/shaved/whatever that's her choice. But, as far. Sep 27, - Let's get one thing straight β€” there's no one right way to deal with pubic hair. Whether you leave it how it grows, shave or wax it all off, trim a lil bit, or something else entirely, here's everything you need to know before shaving down there.


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