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Sex is an indispensable component of a married life, sex in a married life is not just an act of procreation but it equally acts as a means of recreation. When sex is considered as an act of procreation, the man can be pardoned if his aim is just simply to have penetrative sex with wife in the hopes getting her pregnant. However. How To Give Her All Three Types Of Multiple Orgasms | Nick Hardwick | YourTango Contessa. Age: 26. And you're searching for I don't want him to think he's not " doing it right". This not only heightens your chances for an explosive first orgasm , it also prepares you for others. Mar 8, - A study published in Human Sexuality: An Encyclopaedia in the mid-'90s, found when a woman orgasms she needs, on average, just one or two more minutes to reach her second climax. The study by sex researchers William Hartman and Marilyn Fithian also recorded the most female orgasms they. Esperanza. Age: 28. Hi my name is Busty Lisa, i’m real hungarian companion, 23y How to give her a multiple orgasm in four simple steps Jul 26, - Although there have been studies that show about 43% of women have experienced multiple orgasms, O'Reilly estimates the percentage of woman who are capable of it is If you go into a hookup with limited expectations of your orgasm, you'll actually cause your body to limit its pleasure responses. Jul 21, - What to give your woman multiple orgasms in the bed. Try these few techniques to get there with ease.

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Mea. Age: 24. 5' 100 lbs D32 nipples to adore Make Her Orgasm All Night Long Using These 3 Techniques. Nick Hardwick. Expert. Sex. October 7, Keep her coming all night long! Stringing together a series of intense multiple orgasms that keep your woman coming all night long is one of the most entertaining and empowering ways to make her sexually addicted. Sep 14, - Edging is bringing your woman to the brink of orgasm and then stopping right before it happens. Once the impending orgasm is gone, you start over and build it back up. Each time you do this, the intensity of her orgasmic potential grows. The more you edge, the harder she comes! There are two ways to. Oct 16, - Once your body is responding to touch, move on to genital stimulation, but avoid penetration just yet. When exploring multiples, Abrams notes, it's often more effective for a woman to have her first orgasm through direct clitoral stimulation — which is best accomplished with a vibrator or via oral or manual.


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