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EDIT**: This has blown up, so I'm going to add a bit of info here at the top. * It's not an STD (People saying this didn't even read the. Public Urination | Stories from Jeff Brenda. Age: 21. Im a naughty girl can u cum teach me a lesson I don't death grip but I do think I do use a good amount of pressure on it and I think it could be roughness related. Wish you the best. They get to know Hank a little better. A Chubby Boy has his first master slave experience. Disgraced college professor - now a rented sperm donor. More obsessive playing with penises. More unusual interviews. and other exciting erotic at! Sharka. Age: 23. I can be your sunshine and fun is my dna. You can find an angel in me with devil passion. post ejaculation, I pee, then I just FEEL like I have to pee for 15 mins, Dec 7, - During “pee-breaks” I wouldn't go and I'd force myself to hold it longer so I could continue grinding and rubbing while we drove along. All those years I didn't even realize I was masturbating and having small orgasms. I just knew it made me feel good. It wasn't until I was in grade 7 or 8 that I started to hump. Aug 24, - the male officer yells, pointing his finger aggressively. I gently place my keys on the hood so as to not scratch it and only touch the car with my fingertips since it is quite dirty. “You think it's OK to urinate in public like that?” “No.” “You think the female officer riding with me or anyone else needs to see that?”.

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Payton. Age: 27. Sabrina Jan 7, - Sometimes she rubbed herself while peeing. It was messier but boy did it feel good. The dribbles would be more interspersed. Each upstroke of her fingers against her clit would leave a tiny lull of time between splatters on the pavement but would fall even heavier than before which always made her. bri wrote: Hey guys, do girls have the same problem after masturbation? I am soo upset about this, because I cant concentrate on studying, and I have a big exam in a week:(I masturbate and then ofcourse I pee a few times. But then there is this feeling in the vagina that theres something itchy and I wanna. I'm a healthy hetero man with clean STD results, age I noticed that if I urinate shortly after ejaculation, I get this tingling/slight burning sensation in my penis and feel like I have to urinate again. It usually passes in minutes and all is well. It has happened 6 or 7 times after masturbation or sex over.


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