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Jan 22, - Do you search for a household anal lube that would not hurt you and your partner? Or perhaps you just find yourself in the middle of anal adventure. His roanal lube natural, anal oil, best anal lube alternative, household anal lube.‎Can I Use Olive Oil As Lube? · ‎How To Make Anal Sex Not Hurt. Kinky Anal Play | Homemade lube/in-home 1/1 Nicole. Age: 27. Please read my services and rates before contacting me You make a little at a time as it has no preservatives. Feb 10, - Natural Homemade Lubricant: The DIY Guide. If you haven't considered making your own lube, you're missing out on the fun and all the benefits. Switching to DIY lube ensures you know exactly what you're putting in your body, and you can ensure the formula is all natural. Lucia. Age: 21. I love to travel! MODERATORS Jan 26, - hi i was wondering what i can use for anal lube during masturbation, i cant really buy actual lube cuz my parents are always with me when i go to the store and i dont want them asking me why i need is there anything SAFE i can use as anal lube th. Dec 10, - What to use as lube. Crisco has long been beloved by gay and straight fetish communities for things like anal play and fisting. In fact, many natural medicine practitioners swear by the yogurt treatment for all kinds of yeast and bacterial imbalances in the vagina, as the lactobacillus cultures help balance.

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Kattie. Age: 24. i am i little girl :) Jun 12, - These common items could work as a personal lubricant — and you probably have at least one in your home. Some lubes work better for a specific type of sex (such as anal), and others have ingredients that are tailored for people with a specific skin type. Though there are tons of options out there, they. I looked but i couldnt find a thread on this exact topic, they were more general topics. i want to know what i could use for anal lube that is in my home, i heard olive / vegetable oil (i dont know if theres a difference if your using them as lube) lotion, vaseline i thought that all of those arent good and they burn or hurt. can. Hey. So I don't have time and it's too late to go out and buy lube or anything. I want to do some anal-y stuff to masturbate later tonight.[Anal play] What are safe household oils to use as a lube in anal.


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