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May 16, - I actually prefer anal sex. Everyone has their “thing” and mine is anal sex. I love the way it makes me feel, almost dirty, like I'm being a bad girl and going against what everyone says I shouldn't do.” –Katie, 15 Women Confess What Anal Sex Is Really Like | Thought Catalog Carrie. Age: 26. STOCKINGS MODEL And it all starts making sense — he never wanted love. It's definitely that feeling of him being able to fill me up and finish inside me. Nov 11, - The reason anal sex can be painful is because the walls inside the anal canal are much thinner and more vulnerable to pain than the walls inside the vaginal canal. The entrance of the anus (anal ring), just like the entrance of the vagina, is surrounded by lots of nerve endings, which can give her variety of. Zoey. Age: 28. iґm a black lady based in nuremberg germany. I am trustworthy, honest and above all discreet. Providing elegance, glamour and sophistication. I promise you a sensual, fabulous time and i look forward to hearing from you. Why do women who have anal sex get more orgasms? May 20, - It can feel like anal sex for women is the final frontier. Once you've gone anal, it can feel like you've covered everything “taboo” that you can possibly cover, sexually speaking. Of course, that isn't true, and with one look around any fetish website will confirm that. But still, for some, anal is a big deal. It's also. After a wife and mom read the accounts of two women who tried — but didn't really like — anal sex, she got in touch with me to talk about why she likes it so much. Here, she shares her tips for experimenting with anal sex and discusses the stigma surrounding it. As told to Anna Breslaw. Dec 6, I felt so bad for the.

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Little. Age: 21. im young university lady, originally from the czech republic but living in spain - barcelona. Nov 13, - Woman C: Knowing that it's kind of taboo in a way makes it a huge turn on. And having sex when you're super turned on (instead of like, routine post-date night sex) is way more satisfying overall. In my experience, anal is never the main event. It's more like afterplay, or even the big finale. It's usually for just. Oct 11, - Anal sex causes orgasms. At least 10 women have posted comments in Slate to say that they like anal sex. Five of them say they get orgasms from it. These women aren't porn artifacts, nor are they trolling for sex. Many are explicitly partnered; most are using full names. Others who enjoy sodomy are raising. Oct 10, - I've spoken to women before who have experienced anal orgasms and they say it's a very deep and powerful sensation. Some women can experience orgasm where others don't. Just like any sexual experience, it just depends on how she feels at that moment. The anus is a receptive organ, but it needs to be courted with  Do most women like anal sex?


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