Lick my jesus

Dec 26, - Profile of Lick My Jesus. Just odd. You'd have to talk to the creators to get the full skinny, I just wanted to suggest them so they could get on the list. Photocomic “Lick My Jesus” Ends – Comix Talk Brett. Age: 28. I am a mature, very busty escort Bob The Angry Flower. comic funny hilarious fun super terriffic pee satire mean lick jesus pretentious nipples taurine herpes grapes photoshop handsome sex genital pubes scrod fervor lesotho boston smegma scoliosis ovaries gingivitis. Come here to talk about fur and harvest. Aubrey. Age: 25. I am a very naughty and playful lady who enjoys pleasing and being pleased with her partner Photocomic “Lick My Jesus” Ends This could be very fun, so break out those digital cameras. I'll let you know when I have recieved enough submissions. Finally: It's very strange, and pretty minimal as far as art and coherency go, but Lick My Jesus has had me LOLLIN' and ROFLIN' all evenin'. If you like weird humor you should check it out! That's it for now. THE ONLY GOOD COMICS ON THE INTERNET. Now, I like webcomics. You probably figured that out when I started my third one. There's nothing I enjoy more than sitting down with a big piece of marmite on toast and reading through the archives of a good webcomic. The only problem is that the good webcomics are all.

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Araya. Age: 21. I take immense care of myself and my appearance, which is evident in my pictures too Dec 16, - The photocomic “Lick My Jesus,” a photocomic that has run off and on since has ended. The announcement on the front page page, addressed to the comics' readers, stated that, “We hereby regret to inform you that this is the end. Yep, we killed the internet. And the mission having been accomplished. youwish. 8 years ago. In reply to Cegonha, #7: This is so true. It sounds like some fucked up band's name. LOL "Are you ready to ROCK? LADIES AND GENTLEMEN LICK MY.J-E-S-U-S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" No mods. Range 8 years ago. Love Pump, I believe it belongs to Austin Powers although he would never. I gratefully acknowledge the memory of the late, Selena Clemmons, a teacher and educator, who believed in me and made possible my very first poetry recital at Dunbar Elementary School as a student there during the early years of my childhood. Also, I honor the memory of the late Jim Collier, photographer, poet, artist.


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