Can xrays penetrate cast

Jan 19, - Yep. I broke my wrist and the doctor said the x-ray laser with go through the material to the bone. Error (Forbidden) Alanah. Age: 30. Hi I am a mature blonde blue eyed lady In the pilot phase, passengers with prosthetics, cast, or a brace participated on a voluntary basis. What's the point of having an xray for casts if your aren't going to xray them? Dec 7, - Just to let you know that I did hear back from the doctor's office and they will be taking the x-ray with the cast still on. Hopefully they can see it well enough to know if it's healed enough to take the cast off, but I guess if they can't, they will have me do another with the cast off. This healing process sure calls for. Beata. Age: 24. brandy Final X-Ray -- cast on or off? Dec 7, - I called to make an appointment with my doctor for my 6 week check for a 5th met break, and hopefully get the cast off. The nurse asked if I was to have the x-ray before or after the cast was removed and I had no idea. She is checking with the doctor and will get back to me, but I'm wondering what normal  Missing: penetrate. It turns out that x-rays pass through soft tissue such as skin rather easily, but not through hard tissue such as bones. So the x-ray picture that you see of your bones is just the shadow cast by the bones. Of course things are complicated a bit by the fact that we can't see x-rays using our eyes, and so the x-rays are allowed to.

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Ann. Age: 28. Hello Dear Gentleman! I am Independent Escort So far I;ve heard Lead can, and carbon paper. if anyone can add to these two or expand on my question with a answer I would greatly appreciate it. thanks. «Last Edit: . As mentioned, the x-rays will pass through different substances at different rates, thus giving an image of what is inside of the container. I asked her how safe it was, she said it can only x-ray the cast. When I showed . Also, on a side note x-rays pass through things. Therefore, there . A: Backscatter x-rays only penetrate approximately ¼ of an inch before the rays are scattered, whereas medical X-rays transmit completely through the body. Apr 10, - Fiberglass casts. Fiberglass is a type of plastic that can be shaped. Fiberglass casts are typically lighter and more durable than are traditional plaster casts. Air circulates more freely inside a fiberglass cast. Also, X-rays penetrate fiberglass casts better than plaster casts. This is helpful if your child's doctor.


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