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That's the coke nail, fool. Also what that other guy said, nose picking, and they also like to dig shit out of their ears with that thing. I've even had it explained to me that it was "fashionable", something about if you can have a faggy nail like that you aren't doing manual labour so you've come up in the world or. Men who grow a long pinkie nail - Miscellaneous - Essential Kids Barbie. Age: 22. Perfer gentleman over 35 Interesting how this has also influenced Vietnamese, and Laos culture as well. Two things or rather habits you find among Asian males which I find quite odd, actually repulsive. One are those long finger nails on their small fingers. It really gives. Jaclyn. Age: 20. All natural, tall 1,78 cm (5,10ft) long legs, slim body with curve at the right place The Fascinating Story Behind Why So Many Nail Technicians Are Vietnamese May 14, - The young guy on the train next to me had talons. Yes, his fingernails extended a quarter to a half inch from the tips of each of his fingers, and, from the way they were finely filed and shaped, it was obvious that this was some sort of fashion statement. In fact, bona fide claws protruding from the hands of men. Oct 3, - We talked to four men who wear nail polish about why they prefer to wear it and how they are breaking down stereotypes.

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Memphis. Age: 18. Come experience what its like to be with a true GFE companion with a genuine personality, love for life, flirtatious nature, and exceptional attention to detail that will captivate all of your senses Apr 13, - With a growing number of men opting to pay bills and forge careers from behind a nail table, NAILS takes a look at some male techs to find out what they think of their chosen profession and how they're making it in a female-dominated industry. May 26, - Friends tell me all the time that they wish they knew what the Korean ladies at the nail salon were saying — namely, whether they were saying anything about. May 5, - Many got their start in the field thanks to Hollywood star Tippi Hedren.


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