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Dec 4, - Semen: sperm and seminal plasma; Water; Extender or diluent: This protects the sperm providing nutrients and metabolic support, protects against temperature and pH changes, inhibits bacterial growth and increases the volume so that the doses can be produced. Usually they contain glucose, electrolytes. All you ever wanted to know about boar semen. - The Pig Site Karlie. Age: 24. * * D E B B I E * * After the insemination, there is a rapid transport through the uterus and only about 10, sperm reach the sperm reservoir in the oviduct — the majority of the sperm are lost through reflux i. Jul 2, - The fourth phase or post-sperm fraction provides the large semen volume peculiar to pigs. Up to mL of clear seminal plasma free of spermatozoa plus gel is secreted from the accessory glands. The gel portion apparently has no physiological significance. It is separated from the collection by several. Isabella. Age: 22. Wouldn't you just love to indulge in an unforgettable experience and have a relaxing time at the end of a stressful day? Or, would you like to find a woman that is willing to do what your significant other won't? If you answered yes, then you have come to the right place!!!! Collecting semen from boars This video gives a tutorial on how to collect semen from a boar. Apr 25, - A mouse produces an average of milliliters (less than teaspoon) at once, while the blue whale produces an estimated volume of 16, milliliters ( quarts) of semen. Other animals produce more or less semen than would be expected for their body size. For example, pigs produce

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Blanche. Age: 30. No hidden numbers calls There are numerous methods available for processing semen which utilize various equipment items and techniques. The following description outlines a technique for a basic on-farm program where typically semen from less than 4 or 5 boars is collected and processed on a . This will give you the ejaculate volume. Nov 5, - These include the boar's physical willingness and ability to mate, and produce live and physically normal sperm in adequate numbers. This mating must also result in pregnancy and produce a large litter of live pigs at farrowing. In order to have a boar that can meet all of these criteria, considerable amounts. Mar 12, - A veterinary student in Scotland learns what it's like to catch pig semen in a Thermos. Farm Confessional: I Was a Pig Semen Catcher. By Sabrina Estabrook-Russett on March 12, Going into this gig I think vet students all assume that a fair amount of semen goes with the territory. This is not a statement.


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